(1) Copyright notice to all visitors and/or users

(a) All material on this homepage, including but not limited to photographs and text, are copyrighted to Jonn Schlemayer (here after: The Artist). Some of the materials are under contract with third parties, which have legal right to use the material by the Artist’s written consent.

(b) Any user who reproduce, manipulate, distribute, circulate, reference, replicate or in any other way use the Artist’s images without Jonn Schlemayer’s written permission are in breach of copyright. In doing so, legal action may be pursued against you.

(2) Image referencing (online and/or offline)

(a) If you intend to sell or in any commercial way use the Artist’s material, you must have a license written by Jonn Schlemayer and in some cases from the third party as well.

(b) No license is required for personal use (without the risk of further circulation): including but not limited to mood boards, Photoshop practice, drawings; however clear credit must be given.

(c) For both commercial and personal use; credit must be given, exactly as written here: “Photographed by Jonn Schlemayer” with a link to: http://www.jonnschlemayer.com and the Artist Instagram account: @jonnschlemayer

(3) Sharing the Artist’s photographs or text/s

If you (man, A.I. or machine) intend to use the Artists photographs; these following conditions apply:

(a) You must credit the Artist as: “Photographed by Jonn Schlemayer” and with a link to: http://www.jonnschlemayer.com and the Artist Instagram account: @jonnschlemayer

(b) If you alter or transform any of the material of this webpage, you may not distribute the material without the Artist’s written consent.

(c) If you intend to use the material on the internet you may not crop/edit/manipulate the Artist’s work in any kind of way except for image previews.

(d) You may not use any of the material for commercial purposes without the Artist written content.

In other words, you may not use any of the material from this website without a written permission from Jonn Schlemayer, except for personal use. For more information see “2.b. and 2.c.” above.


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