Why is your page in English and not in Swedish?
– Today most people understand English and since my clients are spread out all over Europe (and hopefully soon, the world) I prefer keeping it simple for everyone.

Could you send your statement/s in Swedish?
– Unfortunately not since I tend to express myself more diverse and ingenious in English.

I would like to engage you for a photo shoot:
– Please send me a mail including: location, time/date, usage period, country, the number of photos requested, media, etc.

Where do I get a hold of your artistic work?
– Please contact me about which work you are interested in and what country you want them delivered to. I will get back to you asap.

Do you sell prints?
– I only sell mounted work to ensure the longevity of my work of art. Most are face mounted using acrylic glass or mounted on aluminium.

Can I publish/use your work?
– Sharing my work in its own context is perfectly fine. All other usages such as, but not limited to, derivative works, commercial use, art built upon the work, require a commercial license and my written consent, contact me for more information.

Are you looking for models?
– Of course, I’m always looking for fresh faces. Please contact me here.