Natural Photography, 2014
Archival Pigment Print mounted on Aluminium
40 x 30 cm (15.7 x 11.8 inches)
Edition of: 5 + 2 AP

The 16 photographs are individually named after the time they were captured:
13.06.14, 13.06.34a, 13.06.34b, 13.06.56a,
13.06.56b, 13.07.20a, 13.07.20b, 13.07.40,
13.08.06a, 13.08.06b, 13.08.40a, 13.08.40b,
13.08.40c, 13.08.55a, 13.08.55b, 13.09.00

Natural Photography takes the concept of what staging is to its very head asking the fundamental question within photography if one is able not to stage while using a camera? Everything comes down to where you draw the line and how absolutistic you are. Is staging when you engage in a Directorial Mode or while interacting with the subject when shooting a portrait? Is it when you move a leaf on the ground or add a teddy bear to the “scene” or is it already done when choosing a specific camera and lens getting a certain “Angle of View”?

This series of photographs comes from a minor accident of not locking the phone while returning it to my pocket. The device moved around while taking 16 photos over the next 2 minutes and 46 seconds, without an intended human interaction.

I proclaim that this is a completely objective work of art. Abstract in its appearance but with qualities pointing towards a truth without any human sources of error; since no hands or mind were involved during its exposure. The work is a rationalization based upon the photographic idea of creating “the truth” in a singular fashion. Problematic as it may seem, this question has followed photography since its birth; no one succeeding – until now…