(Un)Natural Photography, 2015
Archival Pigment Print mounted on Aluminium
40 x 30 cm (15.7 x 11.8 inches) edition of: 5 + 2 AP

The 22 works of art are individually named as follows:

10.58.46,10.58.47,10.58.48, 10.59.18,
10.59.19, 10.59.20, 10.59.21, 10.59.22,
10.59.23,10.59.24, 10.59.26, 10.59.28,
10.59.30, 10.59.31, 10.59.32, 10.59.33,
10.59.34,10.59.35, 10.59.36, 10.59.37,

The work continues on the earlier work: Natural photography where the cellphone camera took photos without my knowledge and is described as the “true form” of objective photography. This time the cellphone captured all-black photos; I decided therefore to brighten them up in post-processing showing whats hidden underneath the surface. The camera still captures information even if we can’t see it and when the pitch black surrounding has no physical objects to show, the noise of the sensor becomes highly visible. I find this interesting in relation to our society and the art itself where information often is hidden beneath layers only available if one knows how to unlock them. What these layers will show; Natural photography says nothing about, it only give the audience an opportunity to glance at something they may not normally have the tools to investigate.