Digital Noise in False Colors (I, II), 2013 – 2014
Double-woven wall carpet in 100% wool from a Digital Jacquard loom
I: 152 x 252 cm (59.8 x 99.2 inches), Unique
II: 152 x 220 cm (59.8 x 86.6 inches), Unique

Digital noise in false colours is a collaboration between digital photography and textile. They meet at pixel formations in the shape of pure noise extracted from post-processed pitch-black photographs. Digital photography in itself is showing a non-physical form and the textile with its deep traditions adding to it’s bodily material, creating a durable bond made up by abstract patterns intertwined using a Digital Jacquard Loom. The micro-patterns of pixel based media catalysts when leaving both modern and traditional as well as photography and textile behind – creating a blurry artificial landscape.

The shapes remind me of the space industry; which captures information with telescopes developed at the very peak of human understanding. The telescopes are pointed light years away where they gather the short information given. The blurry and noise infested images is later turn it into sparkling rationalizations of colour and beauty made by an artist impression. I find this to be an interesting parallel to how the world works and how we make up new perspectives in order to understand the contemporary world.