Inaccessibility part II, 2015
Projected static text on objects in Kitsilano, Vancouver
Photographic documentation

The work describes a gentrified area (Kitsilano, Vancouver) where its citizens are facing economic- and social-related problems and solutions; daily.

  1. I’m sitting down while waiting for the bus. Here I notice that the benches all have handles framing each seat and some might think – it’s great for elderly people. But who am I kidding; excluding design or crime-preventing design does not make a good sleeping surface
  2. Is the modern places outside work an improvement of making it a safe environment or does the shortages of benches makes me become a customer even if I prefer drinking my aero-press coffee sitting at a non-commercial place still on something else than the ground.
  3. I pass by the Bank and get reminded of its new credit card: I even might be richer than I think I am, maybe I should get a new car, when the exchange rate is better than ever!
  4. Is the parking garages gate and video surveillance there to keep me from seeing the poor or just to protect my (old) car from theft?
  5. And don’t forget about brightening my teeth; so my yearly rise of salary hopefully increases more than last year and; don’t forget to smile!
  6. Looking at Vancouver School boards homepage, it clearly states: “We promote equal respect”. But reminded of its physical exterior, which also states “No skateboarding, No rollerblading, etc.”. A good environment for kids, I ask myself?
  7. Maybe St Johns School is a better choice, though is it really 213.000 CAD better than a public school. Not added the 30.000 for the schools fund plus dress code, etc. etc.
  8. Passing by the yoga place: which has printed YOGA FOR EVERYBODY (with money, that is).
  9. $20 for Vancouver Art Gallery, watching contemporary art criticizing capitalism?
  10. Watching the poor souls flooding the streets, shaking while witnessing me walking home. I notice an expensive furniture store and it sure looks cozy when Christmas is approaching and the temperature drops close to zero…