Unobtainable Fabrications, 2014
Archival Pigment Print
700 photographs
268 x 520cm (105.5 x 204.7 in), Edition of 2 AP

Unobtainable Fabrications uses mapping to describe a world built on an unstable foundation created by social media where one is able to fabricate memories through a mixture of staging and resourcefulness.

The work in itself contains out of 700 photographs all connected to me but taken by 51 different people and 20 short paragraphs which all intertwines with the visual part. The different paths follow certain people, happenings or concepts all taken from my own life. This leads the viewer in different directions based on what path they choose to follow. I’ve pixelated most people only keeping the faces of myself and the one closest to me, which create a possibility for the spectator to engage with the settings, to fit in or at least interact with the photos.

At these digital platforms made up by a never-ending flow of new impressions; one is at constant focus. At this community we shut some out by setting up rules only to create an artificial paradise with controls made by script and algorithm, which in the end and at some extent; let’s us play God. Is this an unobtainable fiction without substance or is it necessarily for the contemporary human being to be able to fabricate memories; creating a new unique world ready to be reconstructed, altered and relived?