Big Brother (I-VII), 2015
Face mounted C-Print
66.7 x 100 cm (26.3 x 39.4 inches) edition of 2 + 1 AP
60 x 40cm (23.6 x 15.7 in) edition of 5

The title of this Work of Art comes from the book Nineteen-Eighty-Four and depicted with a pair of critical eyes – our coeval time shows remarkable resemblances to that of George Orwell’s believes which later turned into fiction.

A popular topic in our contemporary society is surveillance, a recurring topic often in relation to terms like safety and the private sphere especially when discussing for example internet, cameras or drones.

The free world that once stood up for democracy and free speech have fallen over the edge being trampled by populism and far right fanatics. Internet is an excellent way to sway our opinions and through no source criticism, lies are quickly turned into truths. Technology set aside; we as human beings function as control mechanisms simply by watching his or her surroundings. In other words, we keep constant surveillance on each other at all times. A state of mind which most people keeps forgetting and instead of creating a counter-reaction our mind crawls back into fear of conflicts.

This piece is made up by digital collages made from my own photographs. They are merged with an algorithm constructed only to keep the sharpest parts of the image intact. Once stitched the eyes remains – some direct as daylight, other hidden behind layers of content. But they all, statically, act as the Big Brother, watching over its surroundings in wait for a change.